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Summer 2019-Day 46

Omg! So scared! I feel like I am in a horror movie. Something will happen. Just have to survive one night, then my husband is coming tomorrow. One last night. We switched our hotel and got closer to Heathrow. It’s a guest house in a village (true village-couple of thousand folks). When my husband was making our hotel reservations, I kept on saying yes without … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 46

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Summer 2019-Day 41

Romeo and Juliet, here we come! Verona is a town east of Milan. Shakespeare staged Romeo and Juliet in Verona. Outside the station, is a statue of a giant Egyptian pharaoh . That’s a surprise! The town seemed a modern place: tall buildings, new infrastructure, until we came to the old town. That was a step back in time. All things aside, our first stop … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 41

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Summer 2019-Day 40

OMG!! 40 th day!! We are so homesick. I know, I might sound ungrateful, but this feeling is there. Kids are feeling it, too. But I know the next day at being home, I will start missing my summer trip. It’s a weird feeling- we wake up, have breakfast, off to explore, have lunch and dinner, and sleep. Now, from someone else’s point of view … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 40

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Summer 2019-Day 38

Good bye, Toulon! Our day was spend traveling crossing borders. Luckily, there is no immigration process. The train stopped at a small country Monaco until we reached Milan, Italy. Trains are amazing here. Fully air conditioned ( that’s a must in this Europe heat). For food, they have a food coach, serving reasonable price food and snacks. You can also bring your own meals, too. … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 38

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Summer-2019 Day 37

When you think you have seen it all! Today was our day in Marseille. Marseille is the second largest city in France. As we got out the train station. I was in awe. The station seems to shadow the town. The NoteDame La Grande hovers over thing. It’s truly amazing! For lunch, we tried a famous delicacy: liver burger. It was close to eww! They … Continue reading Summer-2019 Day 37

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Dumb Way to Miss a Flight

This is very, very awkward and embarrassing. I missed my flight from JFK to PDX. I wish I had solid reasons: my previous connection was delayed thus creating a myriad of missing flights, or there were technical or weather related problems, but no. I looked at a previous flight boarding pass and saw that boarding is at 8:45. It was at 8:30. I didn’t hear … Continue reading Dumb Way to Miss a Flight

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My First Apple

My Samsung broke. More exactly, I dropped my old and faithful, and the screen broke. It was time to move on. Since I was getting another chance to buy a phone, I decided to get an I-phone. Why? Well, so I can experience once in my life how things roll with I-phone. I have used my husband’s I-phone, which he sacrificed when saving my life … Continue reading My First Apple

Summer 2019-Day 48

One sunny day in London is followed by a dark, wet, cold day-always ((mostly) have learned not to use always as things (Mother Nature) likes to play around). But that doesn’t stop anyone to visit the local attractions. My husband is a cricket fan- after a long hard-working day at work, he spends hours ( one hour) on YouTube watching cricket matches. One thing that … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 48

Summer 2019-Day 43

Hello London! Not really. We were in a suburb, Walthamstow. There were lot of Indian/Pakistani (desi) restaurants. Good for me-I have been craving some desi food. But first things first, I had to buy some outfits for Eid-Ul-Adha. (Eid-Ul-Adha is a second religious holiday ( celebration) for Muslims around the world. We sacrifice an animal and hope to get good deeds while the animal gets … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 43