I always thought that taking Calculus will turn me into a Mathematician. It was that class when people took it, I considered them to be Math geniuses. So far, I feel nothing. This has been my first week, only. The most important thing that I have learned is that this class is not called Calculus.  It is called Calc! If you know someone who “claims” … Continue reading Calc!

Note to Self 

My alarm went off at 7:30am. Already time to wake up. “How about I don’t go for PiYo today. I can do it in the evening class. After all, I am tired from yesterday’s workout. Have already worked three times this week. Ok. I will sleep. Thirty minutes passed. Can’t sleep. Feeling guilty. Urghhh… Why didnt I go!” Note to self: don’t listen to self … Continue reading Note to Self 


I usually don’t read newspaper.  I use websites or mostly Facebook to find out what’s happening. If it’s raining back home, I will see various posts about rain, no school, etc. Or if some political issues are heating up, people will change their status accordingly. Or if some team won/lost, there will alwaysbe reaction. I have subscribed to the local newspaper to keep up with … Continue reading News