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Dumb Way to Miss a Flight

This is very, very awkward and embarrassing. I missed my flight from JFK to PDX. I wish I had solid reasons: my previous connection was delayed thus creating a myriad of missing flights, or there were technical or weather related problems, but no. I looked at a previous flight boarding pass and saw that boarding is at 8:45. It was at 8:30. I didn’t hear … Continue reading Dumb Way to Miss a Flight

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My First Apple

My Samsung broke. More exactly, I dropped my old and faithful, and the screen broke. It was time to move on. Since I was getting another chance to buy a phone, I decided to get an I-phone. Why? Well, so I can experience once in my life how things roll with I-phone. I have used my husband’s I-phone, which he sacrificed when saving my life … Continue reading My First Apple

Summer 2019-Day 19

It rained. There was some thunder. Nothing exciting except playing a cultural game “coco.” Coco (nothing to do with cocoa) is a game from back home. There are two teams. One team stand in a horizontal line, while the other team is free to move around. The team which stands tags the “free” running team one person at a time. Once all the team is … Continue reading Summer 2019-Day 19