Pirate Cake Arrghhh!

This is the result of a request from my daughter.We were suprised when she requested a pirate ship as compared to a princess something or a Disney character.

My son made the sails out of paper inserted via a long skewer.Canon balls are the whoppers.I used a toy treasure chest.Wheel was made from the molding clay attached with icing to a small piece of cake(no one was allowed to eat it).

This was a heavy pound cake.I chose pound cake due to it thickness and less crumb properties(since I had to carve it).The bow(front)of the cake was made from two 9 x 9 cake carved with a serrated knife.I used a parchment paper stencil to put on the cake.The middle was a part of the 9 x 13 cake.The sheet cake(9 x 13) was cutted into three parts.One acted as a middle and the two were the sterns.

I used tip 789 for giving a wood ship impression.The icing smoother was a blessing in smoothing the icing.Waves were out of blue dyed fondant.Choclate covered mints acted as potholes.

I assemled the cake at the party and transported it seperately in small three sections.

Besides the weight,cake was a success.Birthday girl loved it.

Mission successful.

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