Hello world!

I am a Pakistani American mom living in United States with my three kids and one husband . I have traveled all over the US and beyond. I have been to small middle of nowhere places and I have been to big sprawling cities .

I have biked , sailed , kayaked , canoed , camped , hiked ,dog sledded , skied, fished , ridden horses and motor boated all around the United States . And  me and my husband  did all this with our kids.

I have studied in America  and I have worked ( a little ) in America .Now I am more of ‘stay at home ‘ mom .

Of course that means that if  I am not swimming with my kids, I am hiking with them or biking with them or  in a rare  downtime we are watching Dr Who together.

And don’t forget, I still have to make their favorite food , which by itself is  an achievement  not  short of  creating peace in Middle East . What one loves, the other hates so that’s a daily battle . Also who does the cleaning up… yup that’s me too, but that does not mean they don’t help me . They do, its just that sometimes the help I get from my kids and husbands is worse then no help .

I  still have  many friends both American and immigrants like me . somehow in spite of my super busy life I have managed to hold on to them or maybe they have refused to give up on me.

In short I am happy and thankful to Allah that I live a charmed  life .

According to my husband and friends I have a lot to share with people, so I am starting this blog thinking they may be right .

I also think that there should be more Muslim and Pakistani presence on the web especially from people who are not posting beheading videos.

So if you are reading this blog . Follow me on my adventures  because in the end its all good.

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