Rain:Good or bad

I woke up in the morning to a dark sky.I was delighted!

Here’s a recap from my days in Pakistan:rain is the time to rejoice,eat fried food,go on our condo’s flat roof and just get wet in rain,or at times get hit with a ball because of the guys playing cricket in the rain.I didnt see much rain while growing up,but once I came to USA,it visited me once a week,atleast, in the east coast.

Here in Utah,I was missing rain.It was hot and dry,a drop of rain would mean drop in temperature,but in this summer break,a chance of not taking the kids to their swim practice.Yes,I agree,I talked my husband in enrolling my kids in an activity,thinking in the back of my mind,I will manage the exhausting routine,but,a break is what was needed.I didnt accept my day off too easily.I still dragged my son thru the rain,and was very happy to see that there was no one else..yeeeee..but I could’nt show my bliss to anyone…it was happiness for my soul…I had a great cover up:rain,which gave me a chance to clean my kitchen drawer which holds everything not needed in the kitchen.

I am pretty sure we all have “that” drawer or box which is full of lots of items:colors,toys,ID cards,hair clips,ketchup packs,and so on…Today,was the day when I took charge of cleaning “that” drawer…It went well:

I learned this organization technique from my eight yrs old daughter:

  • Do one task at a time,for example,start with separating trash,throw it.
  • Separate all stationary
  • Allot all the ketchup,parmesan cheese,red crushed pepper(all those restaurant condiments we save for a rainy day when we run out of those essential addition to our food)a zip lock bag
  • Follow the same pattern,until your mission is accomplised.

Now,when it is all done,we start the countdown of how long will it take the family to destroy the peace of my drawer by just throwing stuff back in the drawer.You never know,I might be the first person to break the ice…

Till next time,dont worry,because in the end “it’s all good!”

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