Zion National Park

Our trip to Zion National Park was unplanned.

We decided to go on a trip around 1pm. With my husband’s help,we were in the car by 4.This was our first trip out of SLC. Our GPS is having his last days,so my son was our designated map.The directions were really complicated…NOT,just take I-15 S,exit6!

Our four hours ride was filled with yellow fields of grass followed by sudden bursts of green grass(irrigation)IMG_0345.It felt like an empty world.The sky was dark with fluffy clouds…Some trees were barren and were just missing a skull on them to complete the spooky look.The four hrs seemed a long drive with  our four years old,Zoya, getting all cranky and tired at the end of the drive.But,we survived!

We stayed at St.George’s Inn and Suites.The girls loved it as there was an indoor: pool and playground and outdoor: pool and playground.The parents loved it as it was $88/night!Our son appeared to like it as he just threw  himself in the bed and rediscovered a world outside Netflix. Cable tv . Morning was greeted with “free,hot” breakfast.

We were on the road by 11(we were forced to leave at exactly at the checkout time,no early than that:my husband wanted to catch on his years of sleep debt).One of the things St.George,UT is famous for is the real tracks of dinosaur at the Johnson farm.We had to see that!There were fossilized evidence of dinosaurs tracks,waves,rain drops,and some dino skeleton.Totally recommend for kids!

Next stop:the rocks!IMG_0372

One sentence for the park:it was worth paying $30 entrance fee.

There was no parking at the visitor center,but we decided to drive along the road.We stumbled onto a parking spot which overlooked a river.Our “let’s go touch the water”instinct kicked in.The water was perfectly warm(I am real picky about the temperature…believe me ,it was warm).

The red mountains were huge,and amazing.We hiked on a trail,much to the chagrin of our older daughter , Maryam . We had not had a hike in our plan for the day since it was hot and Zoya had a cast for her  fractured right forearm. The arm was fractured a week before when she was trying to climb on a chair to get something .

Maryam initially refused to go on the hike but since everybody else was going , didn’t have a choice and had to follow.

IMG_0409Since we were so unprepared for the hike(some passer by recommended it and we fell for the trap),we didnt have any bagpack to carry a waterbottle.My husband decided to leave it on the trail to keep his hands free . He planned to  get it on the way back.

It was a 80-85 F temperature day with sunlight bursting from the sky. The hike was thrilling , with some slippery rocks and edge of the cliff trail. We encountered a few lizards , and lets just say my husband is not fond of them . Actually he is downright scared!

Boy ! the end was awesome!

The hike  ended on top of  the Zion Canyon.We could see the tiny roads and the huge mountains!On our way down Zoya, couldn’t take it anymore and starting crying for water,and then the moment of the trip came.No,she didn’t get her drink from a spring or a river.An angel came to the rescue.He was a random guy,definitely in his 40’s.He offered Zoya water and then just hopped down the rocks.That was my hopping angel.WP_20150827_004

The best part of the park(of what we saw)was a mile long tunnel.We drove thru it at least six-eight times for fun. It was dark,with only some cave shaped windows for light .

All is good that end well.We were in our comfy beds by 11pm.

Will I ever go there again?Yes,but more prepared:ice box filled with ice and drinks and a bag pack for a hike!

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