The Best Way to Spend a Morning

It started out as a morning of helping out a friend to pack some women hygienic items for the homeless,but ended up in feeling “Awesome!” My “Girl Scout” friend,Shazia, invited four other ladies to help pack Ziploc  bags. We filled each bag with:four pads(different colors,different style),tampons,panty liner,and a panty.  We made around three hundred bags in two hours!(Good team work!). Zoya had all sort of questions:Why are … Continue reading The Best Way to Spend a Morning

Adult DressUp = Comic Con

Warning: I am not a fan of: Auto Show,Boat Show,Gun Show,Comic Con,Gem Show,and anything similar. Please be advised that my opinions are biased! Initially,everyone was excited and ready to go to the Comic Con,even me,because we were planning to meet “River and Rory,”characters from BBC’s “Doctor Who”(If you haven’t watched it,you must!).But this spirit died down. I was planning a major Saturday by sending everyone … Continue reading Adult DressUp = Comic Con