Bear Canyon Bridge


What happens when you stumble upon a picture of a bridge that looks like it came out of an Indiania Jones movie?


You ask your husband to find it,and take your family for a hike.

This is exactly how we ended up hiking on a 80F,mild windy day.IMG_0524

At first,we had to persuade Maryam(our 9yrs old daughter),not wanting to go(thinking to be blessed not to have Hassaan and Zoya share the same personality as her).

We had a hard time finding it. Luckily,my phone(not an I-phone,but innocent Windows Lumia)  helped me look for Orson Smith trail head which would lead to the Bear canyon suspension bridge.

We were welcomed by the warning sign of cougars sighting on the trail.I started to wonder what if we see a cougar.By then,Hassaan and Hammad(we didn’t plan our son’s name to be somewhat ryhming with my hubby’s name…but,cool!)were off discussing:the history of somewhere,games strategy,current events,or where they should go or do next time,or their favorite car.Finally,when i caught up to them,I asked my husband what to do if a cougar do attack us . He simply said,”hit them on the head,” as if it was the easiest thing to do  in the world.No!

As soon as we started the hike,I started regretting it.No,kids were fine,Maryam had some whining going on,but the problem was ME.My legs were in pain!

There were clusters of sunflowers waiting to greet my tired legs.IMG_0508IMG_0528

As with any other trail,water was our best friend. It was hot when the wind did not blow .We kept on moving…sometimes happily,sometimes not so much ,and sometimes just wishing to see that bridge and be done.

The twist and turns were IMG_0515already testing our patience,when,my calm,4 yrs old daughter,Zoya,started crying.(One thing I have noticed that when one of our girl is not crying/whining,the other catches up).This time,Zoya wanted to go back and she was doing a dance(pee dance).In my mind,I thought,okay,this is it,we can finally turn back..but NO!

My husband suggested for Zoya to “mark her territory”(check out the picuture with all markers of the hike).IMG_0520 This reminded of the time when we bought our home . when we went to see it the first time , my son Hassaan marked his territory outside on a plant . we always remember that plant as the ‘ shoo shoo plant'(shoo shoo means,pee,pee).

After this,the wind picked up couple of notches…kids walked happily…and there it was “the culprit”…the suspension bridge.IMG_0501

Initially it was kind of an anticlimax..I guess the pictures were deceiving…but I hid my emotions and went closer to it.

Sometimes,you have to get closer to enjoy the real essence.

It was amazing!IMG_0491

It was totally suspended,with water flowing down below,mountains on one side…city view on the other.The wind was already rocking  the bridge,until,my husband(he is that guy who is super careful of everything:no pointed stuff to be picked up by kids,no playing on the stairs…etc)starting shaking the bridge by pulling on the cables was a roller coaster scary…when you are done,you wanna ride again…

Our ride down was pretty swift.Our older two munch-kins,flashed back to the car,while Zoya,hubby,and me took our time. Zoya decided to have pictures taken of the flowers,so she can paint home.My little VanGogh!IMG_0512


The most important part was yet  to come:a picnic lunch!

I had packed in some tuna sandwiches.I was missing some fruits or anything sweet,but no one complained.
We ran out of water(although,my husband was sweet enough to save his water for the kids till the end by not drinking it on the trail).

Orson Smith trail-head had good surprises at it’s mouth:water fountains,and clean restrooms(no port-a-potty).

Overall,it was good to hike .IMG_0490

The hike was pretty decent with some steepness and mostly flat terrain.

It is a definitely a “must go hike” trail!FullSizeRender

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