The Best Way to Spend a Morning

It started out as a morning of helping out a friend to pack some women hygienic items for the homeless,but ended up in feeling “Awesome!”

My “Girl Scout” friend,Shazia, invited four other ladies to help pack Ziploc  bags. We filled each bag with:four pads(different colors,different style),tampons,panty liner,and a panty.  We made around three hundred bags in two hours!(Good team work!).

Zoya had all sort of questions:Why are there so many diapers? What is that long thing?We just told her those are diapers. She helped us by taking the bags and putting them in boxes. Our little helper(she got tired and started sliding the bags directly in the box,always finding creative ways to reduce the chores,just like her dad)!

We also started making out food bags for homeless:  Ramen Noodles,tuna cans,Campbell soups,and peanut butter.

When Shazia texted me last night about needing help,I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I started thinking that I was planning a “no-going out” day,do I need to,but then I did and didn’t regret any minute of it. In fact,I came back full of energy:with the snacks and yummy tea provided by our ever sweet host or the inner bliss that was being kindled by volunteering for a good cause.
I would love to  give a shout out to the incredible projects done by the Al-Mustafa Foundation of Utah. They help the homeless get through harsh winters. They feed them.  They help the  refugees who have nobody else to help them . For the refugees, the government subsidies start after 90 days and therefore they need all the support they  can get in  the first 90 days.

I have always seen and heard about donating items for the homeless,but being a tiny part of it made me realize how important it is to reach out and help. I think we are not only helping the homeless,but helping feed our inner soul.

I feel so lucky to be a part of this project!


2 thoughts on “The Best Way to Spend a Morning

  1. Thank you Hira and especially Zoya! I love the “diaper ” explanation for Zoya. You are too sweet. Thanks a bunch, we can’t do it without the help from volunteers like you and the community. Stay blessed. Love your blog!


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