On September 27,2015,we witnessed a lunar eclipse(why do I sound so gloomy about it,I’ll tell you in a bit).

As usual,we totally forgot about it,but thanks to the kids in the neighborhood,we were now waiting for it. I wanted the kids to eat dinner and then by 8:45 the eclipse was suppose to start. But as we all know all plans are not successful. One of the kids,Arnav, rang the bell and excitedly told us at 8:30pm that the eclipse have started(I was about to tell the kids that it’s dinner time…),ofcourse we all had to run out.

The moon was red with a black blur on it. If I were camping in DeepCreek ,MD or in the outer banks of NC ,I would have been petrified! But,I was in the midst of civilization. Lucky me.

My friend and I stood there chatting about everything but the eclipse. Well,actually,we shared our cultural perception about the eclipse.

In Pakistan,it is/was believed that if there is an eclipse,and you are pregnant,you should stop doing anything. Yip,just become a princess from Disney:just lay down,relax,someone else will take care of all your responsibilities. They believed that the eclipse might harm the baby by putting scars on the baby. In fact,I have a distant cousin who was born with a cleft lip,and everyone said that the mommy must have chopped something during an eclipse. Well,it’s just superstition!. Did I follow it in my pregnant era,..Yes..I did,but I would’nt follow it anymore(Allah controls everything:baby to be healthy…not the eclipse!)

My friend said that her temple says not to stare at it directly(I remember that being scientifically true about the Solar eclipse),but to put a container filled with water,some sort of grass,and then look at it. This process will keep the eye away from the harmful rays.

On the other hands,kids were excited(not about the eclipse)about their ages in 2033.

kids we re all excited:”This will happen again in 2033,that means I will be 26…” One of the kids told Zoya, that she will be a teenager and ready to drive. Zoya was so thrilled!


On the other hand,I was doing some major calculations.Me in 2033!

OMG.The answer was not good.

I know I will get old. It will happen,is happening daily,but once I add a date to this fact,it seems like it’s getting too close..

Ok. Stop. No counting down the years.

I will feel like “whatever age” in 2033. For now I will enjoy 2015, and worry about future when future turns into present.

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