What Was I Thinking!

It started as a romantic getaway to get some grocery done together (an essential milestone in ten plus years of marriage). I suggested to use his car (saving gas). Go Green! The romance lasted for two seconds. His car was filled with everything: from papers to pee (no mistype here). No more cheating on my car. (Note to my car: still love you even though you drink … Continue reading What Was I Thinking!


October, 11, 2015, marks the first “Day of Dignity” in Utah. It took place in the Pioneer Park, Salt Lake City. Day of Dignity is organized by Islamic Relief USA. Islamic Relief USA (I.R.U.S.A.) is a non-profit organization. IRUSA is made up of generous people ranging from: staff, volunteers, affiliates, supporters, partners, and donors. Day of dignity is an event which gives an option for … Continue reading DAY OF DIGNITY

My worst nightmare turned into a sweet reality

Before I start discussing my nightmare, I have to mention that in Pakistan, dental care while I was growing up was only confound to emergency situations: intense pain, chipped tooth, some decoloration, or losing a tooth(in late adulthood). I remembered  going to the dentist two times in Pakistan in my pre-marriage life(Hassaan finds it unbelievable that I have only being to a dentist two times in … Continue reading My worst nightmare turned into a sweet reality