From A Hike to A Stroll

It’s been a while since we last went for a hike.

It’s not that I love hiking. The thought of going on a trail, and having a yummy tuna sandwich while enjoying mother nature after a long(long for me might be super short for you) walk has its own perks. So, as soon as my hubby popped the idea of a hike, I had to get those cans opening. Sandwiches, done. Water, done. WP_20151107_002

But little did I know.

Our CEO(my oldest daughter) had other plans.

She trapped me with her most sweet voice to go to the “International Peace Garden.” She made a great case by showing me pictures. I felt right into her trap!

WP_20151107_004 WP_20151107_019 WP_20151107_027 WP_20151107_044 WP_20151107_023 WP_20151107_059 WP_20151107_031 WP_20151107_006 WP_20151107_045 WP_20151107_013 WP_20151107_009

WP_20151107_039 WP_20151107_042 WP_20151107_038WP_20151107_062


Result: We ate our picnic meal in the car(I was too cold to eat it in the “garden.”)

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