Christmas for the rest of us.

This time of the year is very different for us than the other set of people.

We enjoy the sparkles on the streets in the bone chilling wind, the so tempting clearances by all department stores, and the urge to eat a cookie with icing so high in calorie that no needs to wonder why Santa is not within his BMI.

At this time of the year, most mommies are taking the utmost advantage of the “Santa.” “Wear your coat, or Santa wont give you the presents,” “Don’t cry, Santa is watching you,” the list goes on. It works like a charm.

If you have a four or five year old, it becomes more of a challenge.

“Mommy, Can we get a tree?” Mommy, Is Santa real?” “Can we decorate our house?” This phase lasts till  winter break and then all is back to normal, fortunately.

For us adults, it is a time to enjoy  paid holidays, (I am watching this BBC show and cant help but using the British term, “holiday”) if your boss agrees. Usually, people go out of town, back home, hang out with friends, or enjoy the local attractions: skiing, snow tubing, going to the theatres, etc. Some just crash at home and watch movies and fill up with Desi food. I wonder what I will do. Hmm…

The hard part is to accept the reality that Walmart will be closed for some hours and not open twenty four hours on the 25th December. Other businesses: fast food chains, restaurants, mall, etc are closed all day.

It is good to see some snow fall, as long as it not categorized as a snow storm.

Although we don’t celebrate Christmas, we enjoy the spirit of the season. It’s a time to sleep in and stay up at night with kids all around the house. Now that’s  a “season to be jolly.”

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