Love Arrow

In Pakistani culture, the three most uncommon words are, “I love you” (we like to show our love instead of saying it before ending every conversation). This is changing a lot as our new generation, specially the pre-school kids, say it on a daily basis to their parents. One of my husband’s colleague even asked me,” I have never seen you or your husband say that he loves you when he hangs up on the phone with you…”

The big question: how do we express our love to each other?

I got a glimpse of the answer on Friday.

My Friday was going fairly well. My energy level was still at it’s three fourth level after all the pick up/drop off, and running around town doing errands. My boys decided to do some archery and the girls just got tagged along. Little did I know that this would be the highlight of my week.

Archery was going well. Hassaan was shooting his arrows on targets and some not any where near target. It was just fun watching him stand there and take all the time to aim. Maryam and Zoya got to try their share of bow and arrow fun. Of course, mama bear wanted to try too.

With clear and stern directions from my instructor(Hassaan), I aimed and shot. Shot several arrows, all off target (felt I was a part of the Hunger Games series) and then suddenly, one of the  arrows went flying out of the bow and gave me a sharp, piercing pain.


My babies have been using this without a single peep of pain. This sports hurts a lot! At that moment, I realized that there was something stuck in my left index finger.

A feather from the arrow had gone through my finger. Yes. Through and through. This happened when the tail end of the arrow zoomed by my hand which was holding the bow.

V__55FD (1)

I was in complete denial. “Nopes, it didn’t go thru.” But in the meantime something else was happening around me.

Love was pouring from every direction.

My hubby, examining my finger with empathy, said, “Let’s go to the ER.”

Hassaan, with a worried look on his face “Was it the bow or the  arrow…does it hurt a lot…”

Maryam and Zoya were in shocked. Did not know that mommy can get hurt too! Their tiny little faces were filled with sorrow.

I forgot all about my staggering pain.

Love arrows were all being shot at me. They love me so much! I guess it was one of those times which started painfully but ended in the best way possible.

Bonus: had some yummy fish and chips in the end.WP_20151211_005

I know all the mums and dads out there might not get daily reminders of the love around them, but when you all do get one, I promise you it will leave a permanent mark on your heart.



2 thoughts on “Love Arrow

  1. I believe that love was being showered upon them as well when they were in shock and awe for your injury. Love being showered by you. As, you were injured pretty bad, yet you didn’t feel the pain as you were more concerned about their love towards you. 😀

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