May The Force Be With You

A movie which will have a historic impact on the world.

A movie which have audience ranging from zero months to ninety years.


A movie which have moviegoers in costumes.


A movie which has no trailers.

A movie which has a trivia before it starts.

A movie which has a costume contest.

A movie in which the audience claps at every “good guy” win.

Yes. It’s the (drum roll, please) STAR WARS: FORCE AWAKENS premiere.


There are all the good and not so good opinions about it. For me, it was a truly amazing experience. I am not a “true fan” of Star Wars, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to witness this historic “event.” It felt like a new dimension. It was all about Star Wars. Star Wars was reality. Every move of the light saber felt real. The evil force seemed to linger around the cinema and every other person was a jedi fighting it.

I enjoyed every bit of it. ” The circle is now complete.”


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