West Yellowstone

We were planning to visit Yellowstone National Park. My mission was to see bears and wolves. But as we all have experienced in our lives, plans don’t pan out the time.

We started by  making sure the most essential part of the trip, the five hour drive, would go smooth. We got snacks ranging from the healthiest, oranges to the total junk, Nerds(candy). Once the electronics were charging, the packing began.

We left home at dark. The long drive had everything from Moby Dick to Taylor Swift, at times both were unpleasant to hear. The last two hours were the longest. Highway twenty was under a snow blizzard.

The evergreen stood on both sides to enjoy the drivers being cautious on the fresh powder.IMG_1098WP_20151220_11_56_23_ProWe had a brief encounter with a fox cub. It looked lost and confused. With all the darkness, the brightness of the snow made our two hour in the unfamiliar terrain a drive to remember.

The morning had  special surprises for us.

The town was covered in snow, mounds and mounds of snow.

People were cross country skiing on the road, no walking here,eh! Cars were replaced with snow mobiles. The most important and disappointing  information and  was that no cars were allowed in the Yellowstone National Park, only snow coaches.

Coaches were vans with special types of snow tires.YELL-Snowcoach_0_0c To our dismay, the coach tours were all booked for the whole week!

So close to the park, yet so far.IMG_0990

Now was the time to explore the town: West Yellowstone, Montana.

It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

We saw bears and wolves in the sanctuary. Mission accomplished!

Stomped while snow shoeing on the outskirts trail of Yellowstone National Park.


Relaxed in the pool and Jacuzzi. On the way back bumped into Idaho Falls.

I guess we didn’t plan it all, but I am happy: unplanned trip turned out to be a memorable snowy adventure.

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