Where is the city?

Disclaimer : When you have a spouse who loves to explore, and you spend every available moment driving here and there, there will be a time when two totally different places will look quite the same.

We were “kids-free” for six hours. I opted for doing my grocery, cooking, cleaning, but of course he didn’t. Result: we went off to explore Little Cottonwood Canyon. My demands were a decent breakfast. Accepted!

We planned on eating in a small, individually-owned diner. No big, flashy places. We remembered that the town of Alta had some restaurants. We saw it last time we came.

Off we went two hungry adults on a trip to support local business.

I started building my appetite for an omelet, toast, marmalade, and orange juice (pulp, please). But the more we drove towards the “town,” the more discouraged (and hungry) I got. On the other hand my eyes were feasting on the majestic mountains.

We drove by Snow Bird, a ski resort. There were signs of restaurants all along the resort, but we were strong willed. More fancy lodges. Losing the strong will.

Finally, Alta community center.WP_20160109_11_22_11_Pro

And a dead end in the Alta resort.

We asked a guy trying to haul a tree in his truck where the town of Alta is. He said, “Sir, you are standing in the town of Alta. This is Alta downtown!” Apparently, this town has a post office and a police station. Kids go to Salt Lake City school for half a year and the other half a teacher come to teach the kids(lucky kids).


All hopes shattered. My breakfast will not be served. No small town restaurant!

We realized we mixed up this part of the mountains with Big Cottonwood Canyon. Oops.

My perfect breakfast fantasy was greeted with peach juice and a granola bar (resorts had breakfast hours till 10 only)!

Though I still got to see the “Town of Alta.”WP_20160109_10_55_04_Pro

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