Sundance Festival

If you live in Utah there are some places you must visit (if your conditions allow). Or it’s a shame on you! Keeping this personal motto (to tell you the truth, it’s my husband’s motto), we decided to attend Sundance Festival.

At first, I did’nt want to. I did’nt have the slightest idea of what happens there. I just knew (from some girl friends) that if you are lucky you might get a glimpse of a celebrity. I was imagining it to be a carnival with booths showing movies, people walking in the sun (because of the name “Sundance,” I thought it will be outdoors and hippies ,smoking various things might be dancing everywhere), and I might get a glimpse of an a celebrity.

I did some research online and did ‘nt like the prices, but fell in my husband’s devious trap “What if you see Brad Pitt!” Obviously, any sane person will get ready. I dressed up with my snow boots, snow gloves,and my down jacket. I did ‘nt get enough time to put on makeup, but just thinking what if I did meet Mr. Pitt, I should at least look a “little” presentable (a mascara, blush, and gloss).

We were on the road. Did’nt bother to google the directions as everyone knew it’s in Park City. We drove past Park City, but there were no signs! Google Maps to the rescue( Sundance Resort was near Deer Valley State Park(why do poeple call it Park City). Another thirty miles to go.

Finally, the maps took us to Sundance Resort. No dancing, but people were skiing and snow boarding.


Wrong place!

The parking chauffeur told us that this is also a part of Sundance Festival,(only one movie will premiere here)but most of it happens in theaters in Park City. (What! we just drove past that town long forty minutes ago!)

Finally, I understood the whole idea of Sundance Festival.

It premieres independent artsy movies. Sometimes audience vote for the “best movie.” There are concerts , events where celebrities mingle with mere mortals and the whole thing is  spread all across park city ,  sundance and even salt lake city.

Since we were here and short of time and energy of driving back to Park  City, we settled in for the movie, thinking that we will just watch some of it and leave.

We waited for the movie to start and found out that there is a private event just across from this building : brunch for the directors. So close, yet so far ( no one  was allowed near the directors’ building, a security guard was doing his job very well!) But luckily, a couple saw Robert Redford walk by and immediately pointed us to him . Wohoo!

We also saw Emily Blunt (maybe). Our paths crossed ,she was coming out and we were going into a building(the main lodge or something). Unfortunately we didn’t remember her name right away,just that she was the girl from that tom cruise movie. She smiled at me while she walked by. If it was’nt her it was her doppelganger.

There was a guy whose back view looked so much like Matt Damon,but that maybe because we knew he was there somewhere and we just wanted to see him.

I didn’t even know the name of the movie (too embarrassed to ask the people in line). WP_20160123_11_22_24_Pro

It was called Viva.WP_20160123_11_21_28_Pro

I wouldn’t have watched it intentionally, but don’t regret a single minute of it. Loved it and shed some tears too (there goes my mascara).

Some shots of the screen while waiting for Viva to start.

And the best part: I got in for free. We were in line and some guy just sauntered to us and offered free ticket.

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