Am I Wrong?

My day was going fairly well, no big decisions to make, until I found my self in a pickle of right and wrong.

My five year old and I were reading books in a book shop, Barnes and Nobles. While I was reading “Pinkalicious”, I saw a mom (supposedly) with her two-ish year old daughter (yip,I am a pro at estimating kid’s age after having three of my own). Usually, I don’t bother at what other people are doing, but this mom had a Macy’s shopping bag. It made me remember the coupons I had from Macy’s. I started to make plans about using them. During my fleet of thoughts of buying something (which I don’t need, but just to use the coupon), I saw the mom opening the bag. She was trying to put a board game in the bag.

At first, it didn’t make sense to me. She was covering the board game with a fleece shirt. I was in shock. I didn’t know if she was shoplifting or maybe I imagined it (a side not about my imagination: once I imagined a farm shop as a pizzeria…no pizza ma’am, just hay).

I thought maybe its something else, until her second move. She walked  across and picked two books from the shelf. She neatly and confidently  placed one book in the bag and took the other book back . This time I knew for sure!

She was shoplifting!

I was trying to justify her act: maybe she needs to give a birthday present to her other child, or maybe she will sell it to buy food for her daughter.

But this was wrong. My thoughts kept on telling me nothing justifies stealing.

I juggled between right and wrong.

I made the move (right or wrong, not sure).

Went up to the employee and told on her.

Hope they did’nt give her a hard time. Hopefully, she will find a legal way to fulfill her needs.

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