He Left…

If you take your husband to yoga:

Step 1: Prep him a night before. Ask him to promise you, tell him to give his word (although, non of this matter in the morning. Nothing wins against a weekend sleep in). Tell him an early start time for the class ( chances are you will still be late for the class).

Step 2: Wake him up early.(He will still take his sweet time to get off the bed). He will try his best to buy himself out of the deal. Be adamant. Tell him all the pro’s of yoga…example: hot girls in yoga pants(no cons,please). Baby him by getting his clothes and breakfast on the go. You drive!

Step 3: Get a spot next to him.

Step 4: Ignore his presence and relax (this will only last five seconds).

He will start whispering about the surroundings. He will keep on showing you a “professional yoga student.” Once yoga will start, he will start grinning about the poses.

After fifteen minutes, you will hear him say that he is tired. He will leave!

Step 5: Give yourself a pat on back. You survived yoga with your hubby!

After ten minutes of doing actual yoga and not listening to the child who cant control his awe, he will be back..Smiling. He wants to try again. This time he whispers and says to tell him what to do (instructor word’s are bouncing out of his ears).

Another five minutes he leaves again!

Step 6: Enjoy your time. Believe me it wont last long.

He is back, again. By this time everyone else is aware of this individual grinning and going in and out.

Step 7: Finally, the last two minutes of relaxing.

He whispers, I am so tired of doing yoga!

He will spend the entire sunny Saturday recovering from the yoga he didn’t do.

Step 8: Do not attempt this again.



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