Dar-ul-Uloom(School of Knowledge)

Dar-ul-Uloom, school of knowledge, was an event organized by Al-Mustafa Foundation and Girl Scout troop 496. The event’s aim was to educate the kids of the community about charity in Islam with Harry Potter’s Hogwarts theme.

Kids were given a ride in a dar-ul-uloom express  before they entered the “great hall.” They were given special treats after the ride.


At the entrance, two “wizards” awaited and handed the students a welcome letter.WP_20160226_15_56_37_Prodark-knight-rises-wallpaper-1680x1050

Professors were introduced: Professor Al-Akhtar, Professor Meow, Professor Alima, Professor Nusaybah, and Professor Deen. One of the volunteers explained the kids about charity in Islam. The sorting hat sorted the kids into groups named: Hajj, Zakat, Salat, Saum, and Islam.

Once the kids received their books and bags, they went off shopping to the stations.WP_20160227_08_43_20_Pro

There were six stations: Creatures Features, Niyyah Garden-Herbology Store, Notions and Potions-Recipe for Good Deeds, Ollivanders’s wands and cloaks for all good deeds, and Brooms-travel in style-a Quiditch game.IMG_4678WP_20160226_15_41_08_ProWP_20160226_15_39_16_ProWP_20160226_15_38_50_Pro


The kids were excited to learn. They came from all different religious backgrounds, but were eager to learn about what the religion of Islam says about charity. They all smiled at each other once they learned that even a simple smile towards a person counts as a charity. Easy!

They had galleons (wizard money) to be given at each stations to buy (learn) about each station.

“Magic Wand”


Kids and adults had a great time. They learned various ways of giving charity which will be embedded in their memory.

For more information check out the ebook@Dar ul uloom

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