City Creek Canyon

It’s been a long time since we tumbled on the thought of hiking.

Snow was on a break, Sun was not in hiding, and the temperature was perfect for keeping the mind cool (not to give in on the complains from our kids).

We set off to start the trail from the heart of downtown, but for unknown reasons (not really unknown: maps at home showed different trail head compare to the phone GPS in the car) we ended up in the middle of mansions (those are the huge houses which have a pool, tennis court, an official garden, a private trail,etc).

The trail looked pretty easy for the first five seconds. The sixth second bought in a pain of ouch. It just inclined a bit but with being in hibernation for the past couple of months legs were not cooperating.

Hoping the kids would budge in and I will get to go home, I stayed quite. Everyone was happy: admiring the view, taking steep mountain climbing short cuts, discovering ravines, going off trail to see the other side of the hill…WP_20160327_13_49_02_Pro

No one made a single groan, except me, myself and I (it was inaudible).

Finally, Maryam’s shoe started to bother her and my misery was put to an end (thanks,dearie)

Ahh…my legs can rest!

(Looking back, this trail was super kids friendly)V__62D2

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