Fridays are super busy for me. The only break I get is when my daughter has an activity and I get to sit and watch her. Usually, my break is pretty quiet, but this time I fell in trap of a cute, two weeks old baby and started talking to the mom.

Me: “Your daughter is adorable.”(A toddler was standing next to the baby). How old is this young man?”

Superwoman:With a smile on her face, “He is three and a half.”

I started telling her that it is a good age difference, etc. And how hard it is to manage when my three kids don’t get along, etc.

At that time she told me she has five kids. The three of them have less age difference and it does get hard when they decide to “fight.”

Five kids!

Holy Moly!

(Now the thought of my three kids seems mellow and serene.)

We started talking about the activities she take her kids to: piano lessons, soccer, arts classes, and, swimming.


I inquired about which school do the older kids go to.

(Get ready for the biggest surprise.)

No school!

She home schools them!

Now,  that is a superwoman with a smile!




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