Kabob VS Tuna

I never imagined a day where there will be voting in my house for “Kabob vs Tuna.”

Growing up in Karachi, we tend to see kabob as a “yum”choice and any seafood as a “umm…no” choice. It’s not that seafood is not abundant (we have the whole Indian Ocean) next to us, but as a kid I always associated the “smell” of seafood as being unbearable. The seafood delivery trucks leave an odor behind which doesnt leave a good mark on the food memory. Anyways, enough about my child hood eating habits, here is the story of the battle.

We were planning to go for a hike and Zoya insisted on making it a picnic. This idea could’nt come at a better time as I recently made kabob. But life is so hard!

She wanted tuna sandwich!

Ok. I can arrange one tuna sandwich, thanks to Subway. (Any other challenges, dear life?).

The rest of us can enjoy kabob sandwich. It’s easy to make: just add cheese, ketchup, kabob, and a bun.

(But more challenges were thrown at me).

The rest of my progeny also voted for a tuna sandwich!


In the end, it was just my husband and I eating kabob sandwich while my kids ordered tuna at Subway.


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