Super Duper Cool

For some (or most) moms, getting the kids out in the summer is sometimes a challenge, and then herding them back is all together another task!

My friend and I took the kids to a neighborhood park. It was time to go and of course our “bosses” were not ready.

An ice cream truck came to our rescue.

(Well, indirectly!).

The ice cream did not appeal to all our kids, only to the five year old (of course, she is still in love with: junk, colorful, character oriented, and overly priced choices of food). My friend even came up for cash to pay the ice cream , until Maryam suggested a snow cone place: Straws.


We found ourselves driving to Straws, waiting on the longest red light on Earth.

I saw three police cars driving successively. My first thoughts were on the poor person who will be ticketed for speeding or something, until the action began.

One of the car overtook a black Sedan and the other two surrounded it from the back. Police officer came out with guns. They grabbed the second row passenger out of the car with hand cuffs in their hand.

While the above was taking place, the kids were all excited…with joy!

Girls had the following comments:

“This is super cool! They caught a criminal!

“This is awesome! They got a robber!

“This is super duper cool! He is probably a bank robber!

Boys on the other hand:

One sat in silence, observing. Hmm…

The other started taking pictures.

On the other hand, I stopped looking at the signal and got lost in my thoughts: “Should I drive or just watch what will happen next, or drive by ASAP in case the situation gets out of control.” I choose the latter.

Driving away, I was convinced that the police caught a “big, mafia, king pin.”

Now that’s a good way to end a bright summer day.



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