A Get-Away Class

Today was not my “work-out” day, but I found myself using the stationary bike.

I wanted to relax and not take a crazy hard working class.

(I joined a new fitness center and  you know how “new” thing are given so much attention: a newly wed couple can’t get enough of themselves and later after ten years, let’s leave it as a mystery to who haven’t being there, yet… kids buying new toys: as soon as they as they open it, the toy losses the value…yes, you get my point.)

I was craving some yoga: de-stress for me. There was no yoga today, or was it?

I saw gals going in the aerobic room with a mat. Jack pot!

That could only mean I am in luck today and there is a yoga class!

I waited for a couple of minutes before starting the class.

They kept on working on the lower body : right, left, side, anti clockwise, and clockwise. No sign of downward dog, child’s pose or any yoga terminology. I started to ponder as to why is this yoga is so different.

Where did my “relaxing” part go?

When will this torture stop?


What if this is not yoga?

I left half way during the class giving this yoga class a well earned title, “horrible yoga class!”

As I departed all soar in my legs, I found out that it was Pilates.

Oops. my bad!






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