Thanks, Baby!

Listening to “Trying” by Bully, sipping cappuccino, and eating an orange /raspberry scone was not in my itinerary for the day.

My girls were having a play date. My boys were home with their electronic devices and enjoying the serenity of the house ( we gals create a lot of chaos: telling the boys about our day and expecting them to listen and response accordingly, which doesn’t always end well).

I was left with three hours of me time. I didn’t know what to do. But there is always something on the plate.

Taking my baby to the mechanic: It was making a cranking/rattling sound for almost a week.

(Besides my kids, I call my vehicle: baby. Call me crazy/weird, but I have feelings for my car. I love it. It’s never let me down: there were times when she almost ran out of fuel and kept on going, we packed her  to it’s roof, no nook or corner left to spare. Never gave me trouble. So proud of you!)

It turns out that something was wrong with the brake pads, even though I had them changed just a month ago as part of routine maintenance. My car was deemed unsafe to drive! It would be ready next day. The Brake warranty SHOULD cover it .

I waited for my ride ( My knight in shining armor) in a cafe nearby  while enjoying my “best, unplanned thirty minutes” of the day.

Thanks, baby!

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