Baaaaa …Mooooo

When summer seemed to have past you by (almost), and you feel like you didn’t take much advantage of it, it’s time to go camping.

This started out as “I don’t want to pack and go stay in the jungle trip.”

We fortunately rented a cabin (which means relatively less to pack, but still our car was packed top to bottom).

We took the scenic route ( a fancy way of saying that we took a longer way via a local winding  road precariously perched on the edge of a cliff) not on purpose. We arrived at our cabin by the lake in the middle of the woods at 11pm. The temperature was a chilling 30F, since we now stood at elevation of 10000 feet.  There were creatures howling, hidden in the dark cover of the trees. The only thing missing was a Demon or a serial killer.

There was no lock box at the door (the forest ranger told us on the phone the secret code to get in).

How could this get more worse (got lost, away from civilization, don’t have winter coats, tired, hungry, cold, and , sleepy)!.

I was almost about to throw a storm of speech as to how this was a bad idea from the start, I spotted a lock box on the propane tank. Now, I was the savior!

We had a great time!

Witnessed free range cows and lambs enjoying their meals and “accepting nature calls.”


Managed to have a bonfire and Pakistani food(chicken tikka), thanks to our friends.If it was just my family, we wouldn’t have been able to light the coals…yes, we are that bad. Lot to learn!10

Imagined mermaids basking in the moonlight at the Ferron reservoir .v__c518

It was a serene and peaceful atmosphere. We didn’t feel like going back to the hustles and bustles of daily life. We were in awe from the beauty of the outdoors.


I guess some times getting out of your routine  is not a bad idea (as long it is only two days).




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