I kept on delaying his shots, not on purpose. I did’nt think they are that important for him, as he just stays inside. And I did’nt have to meet the deadline. It should be an easy thing, once I come to it. Just put him in the carrier, drive, drop, and go.

But things never go as planned!

He would’nt get in. It’s like he knew. The ride to clinic was the most hard part. He was trapped, and scared. He kept on crying (kind of). His yelps hurt. His tiny moaning makes us all say, “aww.” Once we were at our destination, there were other fellow cute creatures, too. Finally, it was his turn. It was hard to see him go for the shots. Poor thing: he would feel soar, will be in pain, and will be drowsy all day.


I have become a cat person!

I don’t even know myself now!


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