One of the hardest thing is to say, “good-bye.”

It breaks my heart into a million pieces (over exaggeration, I wouldn’t be typing this if any of it was literally true).

After eight plus moves, I still can’t say I am a pro at this skill.

Every single move feels like I am doing it for the first time, and yes believe me each moves comes with a new set of challenges.

But what I want to convey here is that a place is just a place, until you find the “right company.”

Friends make your heart ache when the time arrives, but hope for finding new friends is the silver lining in the dark, black, stormy, fluffy cloud.

(Will miss you, ladies.)

One thought on “Good-Bye

  1. Love you and miss you and the kiddos loadz, Really enjoyed your company whenever we were together and love your spontaneous personality which is why you are such a great friend, and admire your quality of being understanding and of including everyone in your thoughts!
    Although I am sad that you are not living in Utah, I really pray that you have a very happy and blessed life and May AllahSWT increase your blessings! Ameen

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