T-Mobile to Verizon

I have been a loyal customer of T-mobile since fifteen years, but the time has come to bid adieu.

I was driving home on a state highway, when suddenly my car showed “Aladdin’s magic lamp” sign (later I found out it is called an “oil can” sign). I stopped as soon and safely as I could. With the hep of the car manual, kids and I found put that it is a “no oil” sign and it is unsafe to drive as it will exterminate the engine. Of course, we froze.

My T-mobile cellphone service was not working. It was getting dark.

We had no choice but to walk to the next town,twenty some miles away or just wait on the side of the highway and wave for help. The only problem was that in this part of the country there are a lot of gypsies/nomads/hitch-hikers/homeless, so people don’t like to stop for help (although, we didn’t look like any of those, I think).  I was concerned for our safety. We found some “weapons”  in the car.wp_20161028_18_15_23_pro

After getting a couple of waves and “sorry cant help” look, a car stopped. I used his phone (Verizon service)to get a tow truck and head back to civilization.

Our adventure was not over, yet.

The mechanic was closed and there were no hotels in town due to a football game(Ducks vs ?).

Beat that. Now we were “bed-less” for a night!

I controlled my urge for saying, “can it get worse than this?”

Fortunately, we found a shabby inn in the heart of the downtown next to a campus.The college students were up all night, in their costumes- it was the weekend of Halloween!

Couldn’t sleep all night: loud sounds of fireworks or gunshots. Yip, I am a scaredy cat.

Morning came and found out my the oil pipe was damaged and it would take at least two to three hours to get it on the road.

Learned a new lesson: ditch T-mobile(which still I have’nt).

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