Let’s Talk

My kids seem to think that when I watch any TV show, I start relating it to my life-giving them lectures out of no where.

(Hmm…I don’t think so. I just like to talk.)

When I was hooked on “Breaking Bad”(miss you Mr. White), I use to ask/tell my kids about drugs: how horrible drugs are, how they ruin once’s life, and etc.When I started watching “Game of Thrones,” I started pondering as to why people refer their kids as prince /princess. Life of a royalty is not easy: they have to make hard choices, marry in order to join kingdoms, die in wars that lasts forever, and if they are “nice,” they end up dying. So, I told my kids how being an average citizen is much rewarding. Now, when I am watching “This is Us,”(thanks to my bestie), I tell my kids to make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle, being over weight is not fun!

I have to admit. The kids are right!

I can’t let any single opportunity of “talking” go by. I have to share my thoughts/concerns with my munchkins, even though those concerns are provoked by TV shows(now that’s embarrassing).


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