It was a perfect plan.

We leave early in the morning.

Heavy breakfast to be served.

Lunch packed.

GPS ready to roll for the fifteen hours/two day drive.

It was going to be a smooth ride.

In all the excitement I forgot one major thing. One of the most important fact.


I was in the in the middle of nowhere (highway twenty), where I realized that my fuel gauge needed some attention. The gauge was close to the “E” sign.

First thing first: turn off the heater to maximize the drops of fuel. Besides us being cold, my windshield started to build frost on it. We kept on turning the defrost just enough to see.

I started driving super fast (imagine the speed yourself, don’t want the cops to send me a ticket after reading). In fact, this was the first time I was praying that a cop might stop me and help (later found out that cops would have taken my license and awarded me a heavy fine).

Started overtaking some vehicles in hope that if my car stops on the side, they might offer some help. Maybe.

Hampton was my hope for a gas station. Nothing there.

Next was Riley. Forty five miles!

I started planning things to do if we ran out of fuel: wrap the kids in blanket, search for a signal, highway patrol might show up, hitchhiking, spending a night in the car: we had enough food and water, etc.

Riley came.

No sign of any life there. There was an intersection. Should I take it or leave it?

I stayed on the road and found a gas station right after the intersection.

What a relief!

I had no idea how my car manage to drive forty five miles on an empty tank. It was a true miracle.

(On the way back to home, I filled up the gas as soon as it was half done.)

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