Music to My Ears

Like all siblings around the world or even galaxies, Hassaan and Maryam fight, almost, all the time.

When Hassaan says, “let’s watch Batman,” Maryam feels obliged to say “no, I want to watch ever after high” When they sit in the car,  a battle ensues and the winner gets to sit away from the baby sibling. When Maryam shares an idea, which she think is a fact, it is always debated by Hassaan and proven wrong with supporting facts. I think you get my idea (being there, done that, right?). The list goes on.

But what about the poor parents. They don’t know whose kingdom to join: Hassaan, their first Iron born, or Maryam, their first Tygerean daughter. It’s a tough call. Don’t know whose side to take.

This is a life long challenge faced by all the moms and dads. But these days, I have been lucky.

No, Hassaan and Maryam are still living under the same roof ( although at times I have given serious thoughts about a boarding school).  They are reading a book together!

Harry Potter to the rescue. Accidentally, and fortunately for me, Hassaan and Maryam, are reading J.K Rowlings books. It’s so peaceful. They talk about it. It’s like a book review. First time ever, I get to witness these two siblings, having a civilized conversation, in which Maryam is not screaming and Hassaan is not teasing and correcting her assumptions.

I knew reading has all sorts of advantages and perks, but siblings enjoying the same series of book, discussing it: music to my ears, priceless!

2 thoughts on “Music to My Ears

  1. That’s nice to hear them bonding over Harry Potter. My wife and I had no children when the first three books were out, and all of our friends who had children old enough were telling us how delighted they were, reading the books to their children.

    So my wife and I would read the books to each other, taking turns reading a chapter a night. We read the whole series that way.


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