Dark Day

It started out as a dark day (on a side note, every other day is dark in this part of the continent). Rain and wind were drunk in their dance: not a care in the world.

City of Bandon on the vicious Pacific can be categorized as a baby toy town. You will see unique shops, and a whole range of restaurants. If you have a appetite for a free lunch, this is definitely for you.

Face Rock Creamery offers free samples of cheese: aged cheddar to cranberry cheese spread.

Cranberry Sweets & More is the place for dessert: you can have endless samples of tea cookies, caramel popcorn, chocolates, jelly candy, truffles, and the list goes on.

For the weak at heart (can’t eat “free”samples, must buy something) there is a local chocolate shop :Coastal Mist . They serve”drinking chocolate” and fudge.Yum!


Now to loose all those calories: a stroll at the beach. It will easily blow you: figuratively and literally!



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