Best $50 Investment

(Disclaimer: You are guaranteed to learn something from Cashflow. Your Kids are guaranteed to think big. If your financial situation brightens, you owe me ($$$)big time!)

This started as a purchase my husband got online. You can get a Kids Version (not recommended), or Adult Version.

My hubby is a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki. Robert Kiyosaki is an author of financial book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Although, I have’nt read the book, yet, I am big fan of his board game: Cashflow.

How does it work?

You randomly pick a profession.wp_20170305_014 Get your monthly cash flow (your paycheck is not your monthly cash flow.wp_20170305_002 Monthly cash flow are the funds you get after your expenses and child’s expenses). You roll the dice and your “mouse” lands onto various options: Opportunity: small/big deal, The Market, Charity, and Doodad (this is one of the worst place to land on: you have to pay for stuff: family vacation $2000, food processor $150,tennis racket $200,new clothes $250, and so on), Paycheck (every player’s favorite), Baby (you have to add $$ to your monthly expense thus lower monthly cash flow ), and the worst of the worst is Downsized. Downsized is when you have to pay all your expenses at once and also lose two turns.


How to win?

You buy stocks when they are down and sell them when at a higher prices,  purchase real estate or purchase/start your own business. Once your passive income is higher than your expenses, you get out of the rat race. After rat race, you go to fast track and have to meet a certain cash flow target or land on your dream (luxury tour around the world, save the ocean mammals, find a cure for AIDS, dinner with a president, cruise the Mediterranean,etc) to win the game. You choose the dream in the start and place a piece of “cheese” on it.

My Opinion

It’s a great game for as young as five to as old as fifty(as you will have twenty more years before retirement, to use your money wisely). The game expose the players to concepts of stocks and real estate profit gains. It also gives a taste of taxes and divorce (how you loose money in those situations). It does not have a complicated setup and even provide you with pencils and erasers.

So go on and enjoy this game with your family. You have nothing to loose. It’s worth the investment with an opportunity for endless passive income .


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