Right Choice

I love working out. Yes, it’s true, not a typo.

Why do I love working out?

Am I a weirdo? No(I don’t think so).

I am not a believer of treadmills/ellipticals/stair master… For me it’s just too boring and not motivational at all. No fun there. Also, a very credentialed personal trainer, a winner of bronze in the Olympics, told me that don’t waste too much time on those machines, use them as warm up routine. Even with that advice she said to use a rowing machine and concentrate on muscle building. (Everyone requires different routine, an elliptical might be the way for you).

I am a group fitness type gal. These classes are offered in private studios or local community centers. My story started with Zumba. Now, I like to explore all new classes. There are many options out there: Insanity, Group Power, Pilates, Yoga, PiYo, Kick Boxing, Step I.T, Max It, Spinning, and many more.

The key to taking any group fitness class is that when you walk in consider yourself a novice. Don’t feel embarrassed, at all! Go to the instructor and tell her/him that you are new and they will shower you with a sprinkle of confidence. During the class don’t worry about what other people may think of you. Don’t judge anyone, either. Just enjoy  with a smile. In the first week of class, give yourself some time to get acquainted to the routine. Gradually, you will get the hang of it.

Whenever I am taking a class, I say to myself, “I hate this class!” Sometimes, I have to drag myself to finish the whole class (don’t want to be a quitter). But as soon as I am done, I am in total love with the class. Next day I am ready for more.

After my class, I feel great! Made the right choice for the day!

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