Next Time

Over the past years, I have develop a sense of procrastination about organizing. I don’t call it procrastination. I have given this a separate name: next time. I make excuses and delay the chores.

The last week my excuse was the weather. It was cold, wet, and dark. A good recipe of procrastination. I kept on telling myself that once the weather gets warm, I will organize the garage: find some long lost stuff, sweep it, and admire it constantly.

This morning I went in the garage expecting to be greeted by a cold brutal wave, but felt something total opposite.

It was warm. I had a mixture of feelings: happy and disappointed.

At first I was happy. Finally, the weather is turning around. The sun is out. I love it. But gradually, I remember the promise I  made to my garage: clean it.


Why did it get so warm in here. I don’t even feel like cleaning today. I prefer walking in the maze of boxes, chairs, cat food, broom, shoes, etc. How do I get out of this situation? Is there a way?

Of course, yes: I can do it later in the day or tomorrow or next week or next time.


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