I am usually not like this. I am capable of making the right choices (I think). I like to use my brain more than the “heart.” But the last couple of days have just been indicating one and only thing, “start smoking.”

Here’s who to blame: Mad Men.

It is an AMC drama. The first episode or so I didn’t have much feelings for the show, but eventually it grew on me. It is a show placed in the 60’s. They have done a great job of keeping the air feeling 60’s: attire, venues, politics, cars, television set, even the bathing suit, and the cigarette smoke: all scream 60’s.  60’s was an era where people were becoming aware of the health effects caused by  smoking, but majority still didn’t consider it  “dangerous.” There is an episode where it is showed how advertising misled cigarette smokers by using healthy sounding phrases. Lucky strike tobacco is ‘roasted.’

All the characters smoke. When they are happy: they smoke. When having a hot discussion: they smoke. When they are sad: they smoke, When they are talking on the phone: they smoke. After sex: they smoke, before sex: they smoke, After horse riding: they smoke! You get my point?

Cigarettes every where, and to make it even hard they use those fancy cigarette cases.

(On a side note, they drink a lot,too..hmmm)

It’s so hard to resist.

Somebody get me a cigarette!

(check out the pictures from this show…everybody gotta smoke!)


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