0.5 Mile

Somethings are deceiving ( weather and miles)!

It was a car-less day for me. This means I was forced to stay home-all day. But fate had other plans.

I wanted to complete an errand and it was just 0.5 mile away. Piece of cake, right? 

My walk would take 25 minutes one way.I will have an excuse to wear my rainboots ( earlier it was raining).

Hmm…not bad.Off I went.

I did not realize how mother nature was not in favor of my decision. It rained cats and dogs.Cold wind bursting in my face. 

The 0.5 mile felt like million miles (yip…that is true exaggeration). It was only 54F, but my hands were freezing. 

Holy moly!

On the way back, there was no way I was walking . I called the cab-in vain, it would take an hour to arrive!

No choice…it was me and my walk. (Got a tad lucky, Sun came out ).

I guess next time, I shouldn’t assume that 0.5 mile will be easy.

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