In Love With A Monster

I can’t believe I am feeling this way-for a cat!

I don’t like pets. (Hold on, before you start getting mad at me). Consider my situation: a pet in my dictionary means more work for me. My kids are enough for me. I don’t want my plate being overload. This was the same reaction when we got Sultan (my daughter’s cat).

It’s been almost three years living with him. Although it hurts to say this, I really like him. He is one of the sweetest. He has a sleeping spot in the house (my closet or my son’s bed), but when I am home during the day, he likes to give me company. Ain’t that sweet! Whenever the kids are upset, he runs and cuddle with them. At night when Maryam wakes up with a  bad dream, he is the first one to run to her. He is there always before us meowing. I have even seen him wake up from a deep sleep and run to Maryam when he hears her cry.

Who knew this day would ever come in my life.

I am in love with a monster!

P.S.He is not a monster.I just love this Halloween song.

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