Math 111

Pre class: I have no idea what class I have to enroll in. The instructors are on Spring break. They need to give me “all clear” before I take a math class.

(On a side note, I showed my transcript to one of the teachers and he said he teaches 111. He can’t help me but the main head of Math will be my best choice. This teacher looked so cool: earrings, so mellow and friendly…ahh..wish he was my teacher..learning would rock!)

Week1: Finally, found out my class is 111! My wish came true. The cool instructor is the teacher. Learning will rock! (The homework is taking forever…urgh…Youtube(mathbff),and Google are my friends. I have forgotten the basics! I understand everything in class, but once doing homework, I suck. What  was i thinking!)

Week2: A quiz! It’s too hard. I keep on forgetting the old material. I love learning, but cant feel up to the standard of being tested, a nerd who does not like exams or quiz. It’s not easy. I am having second thoughts. Feel like a nerd who didn’t get good grades.The only survival strategy: practice, even in sleep!

Week4: Got close to  B. (Kids and hubby proud of me…but I need to climb up…i am hanging in the middle of A and  B.) New motto: practice everyday the past concepts (advice from the instructor and a tutor).

Week5: Midterm around the corner. Already having butterflies…Need to get my math doze every breathing moment. This week is crazy. Friday is the big  day. Weekends are free but as my teacher says, “I love math, you love math, everyone love math.” I practice some more.

Week6: Got a B.88.88. (Yip..sad…i worked extra hard for this exam.) Just disappointed. I love the work. I love learning it, but applying is the problem. Next quiz is in two weeks. Also found out that I have to take a class in summer.

Week7: I am addicted to math. I can’t stop thinking about my homework. It is like a dessert waiting after dinner( which does’nt harm your BMI). I try to finish my daily chores fast just to hang out with my “dude,” just to get an overdose of math: math dose. A student and I were discussing our love of math: if we just had more time, we would love to do math all day, everyday:math squad! Good to know I am not the only one infatuated with math. Once I understand a problem, the aha moment is priceless!

Now back to reality, haven’t been studying for my quiz coming next Friday…have to catch up.

You love math, I love math, we all love math!

Week8: I live in two worlds now: my real world: not much time to do math…..tired and frustrated when answers are not correct…too much other distractions. In my ideal world: practice from books, homework with different set of questions, practice from the teachers note, and get every single one correct. Ya, right, cant do that, easier said than done.

This week is quiz 2…just writing about it gives me butterflies. Ouch!

Week9: Waiting patiently for the quiz 2 result. Learning matrix. Not bad. In fact,it keeps me going…its yum..if only i did’nt have to give tests!

Week10: Exam 2…still have the butterflies…second last exam…No new contents learned, but still a lot to grasp.

Done with exam 2..Don’t want to know the results…prepare for the finals…Only practice. No one can save me now except some wisdom from the instructor: when you have two paths: easy and difficult, choose the difficult path as you know deep inside, it is the best path for you.

Finals: Breathing and dreaming math.

Post exam: If you see me right now, you might think I am in love or something.

I cant help but smile.

According to me, my final went superb. I actually did’nt want my instructor to take away my hard work. It was a sad moment, departing from my loved one.

My “rock” class with a ” rocking ” instructor (he even carries a pocket watch, beat that cool dudes) is over.

Until I get my final grade, I will enjoy the taste of math that still lingers on me. A truly “lit” class.

(Got A !)

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