10 Months

June and July means Summer.

June and July means minimum 70 F.

June and July means catching fireflies.

June and July means warm days and nights.

But, where we live, we dont have “June” and “July.”

Its cold everyday. 

You need a hoodie/fleece to go out. Don’t even get me started on the temperature on the beach….brrr…cold!

By all means, I am a fan of winter. If it was’nt for winter, my boots, coats, and, sweaters will get extinct in my closet. I love winter apparal more than summer.

But there should be summer…the feeling of warm breeze after sunset, the thought of stepping out of the house without a hoodie, walking in the warm sand-that’s summer for me.

I have to teach myself to believe that we have ten months. 

Summer ain’t knocking here!

(The bug bites are here😕.)

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