Henry V

Where does the story starts?

It can start like: I remember when we went for an audition. It was impressive. The director was this cool, laid back guy with a bandana. He loves children. It shows. He was so mellow when addressing the kids. (All along the rehearsal, I didn’t see him one time being frustrated with anything the kid actors were doing. His response to the kids acts  always started with ” they are so adorable…”.)

It can start like: Acting is not easy. We, as spectators, only see 1/4th of the effort. The remainder, 3/4th, is all done in rehearsals, and learning lines. It takes hours and hours, and rehearsals to see what we see in 2-3 hrs. Each battle, each placing of props, movement of each character takes a lot of effort and coordination.

It can start like this: Behind the scenes: everyone is so caring. Its like a family! They have to be quiet, but the cast mingles and enjoy each other’s company. After an intense battle scene on stage, the two foes come back stage and laugh over their achievement.

Well, all of these narrative makes up Henry V!

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