The Great White Trash Solar Eclipse

Millions of people were suppose to come to Oregon. Towns were suppose to be packed with cars for this celestial event. People told me that a two hours drive is taking six!

Hotels in the path of totality were full all the way from New Port, Oregon on the Pacific coast to Wyoming which is far as we looked. Air bnb was full. One family was renting their home for $2000/night. All national and state parks and all other campgrounds in the path of totality were full.  Even docks were not available. (Not that we have a boat, yet, but if we did we still did not have a chance.)

We had no choice. Our son was waiting for this event since last year. I didnot estimate it to be a monstrous phenomenon. 

Luckily, I found a “campsite”(an individual renting out her land as campsite) in Scio, Oregon. It was $327 for three nights with $5 to use a shower (bear in mind that campsites cost 15-$30/night, and no charge for showers.) Yes, I paid too much. (Things we do for kids!)

Remember this is the week after the  Charlotsville attack.  The Total Eclipse (totality) was happening only in rural America. Yes, the path of totality misses every big city.

We packed! Ample food and water bottles. There was no turning back. Scio is three hours away, but with all the people pouring in from around the world, I didnot know what to expect. 

Fortunately, our drive took three hours.Only. I couldnt help but think if the eclipse was cancelled or it was just a global hoax.

The “campground” turned out to be pretty entertaining. They had live music till 11pm. The family which owned the land was very helpful. There was country music alas but it was soon replaced by jazz , blues and even a Somali rock band of all things. The next night was afropunk reggae fusion. Believe me thats a thing and was fun. Yes! African Americans sharing the stage with country music bands.

Our friendly, sheep farmer was one of a kind. I felt like part of a cult. People from Washington to Massachusetts came together in a mini town just for the stellar event.

Finally, the day came. 

Solar eclipse came!

There is not one single word that can describe the eclipse.

(These picture from my phone camera do not do justice to what we witnessed. Need to start a fundraiser to get I- phone for my blog’s pictures.)

It was awesome! Phenomenal! Amazing! Scary! 

A sci fi movie we were in the vast of. The sudden drop in temperature, the shadows switching, the light changing it’s ambience…all of it, every single second was out of this world. 

We also had a solar enthusiast. He had all the equipment to record the eclipse.

White is the Sun and black,the Moon!

Moon taking a “bite” of Sun
This eclipse turned people land into a gold mine. Totality gave a chance to the rural, “white trash” of the country, which by the way are nice, fun loving, friendly individuals. I would have never camped in a farmers field  outside of a mini town with two stop signs. But thanks to the eclipse, I am willing to give other small towns another chance. 

Our drive back home took six hours.

It was all worth it!

 Until next hundred years, bon jour white trash eclipse!

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