Your Advisor?

Believe it or not, we all have advisors (not only students).

Let me explain. 

Imagine you are choosing a outfit from your wardrobe or a store to wear for an important event. You text your friend or even a family member to choose. You listen to their advise, blindly. That’s your “Fashion advisor.”

These days there are so many channels, so many movies. Hard to choose the best one. I only like watching something if it has thousand percent rating of being “worth my time.” Who do I turn to? My husband’s and my friends. True Blood, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, This is Us, Game of Thrones: all from the “Entertainment advisors!”

In a mood to go out. You also have a “Restaurant advisor.”

There are many advisors out there. You are a advisor, too. 

Thank you advisors!

How many advisors do you have?

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