My Carpet Story

When we bought a new house, we knew that one room stinked.

I mean truly stink.

If you would go in there, there is a 100 % guarantee you will throw up. The room smelled like cat pee(I know cat pee, I have a cat).

I knew I had to change the carpet before we moved in. One of my friend’s suggested to use KILLZ paint to cover the sub floor before installing the new carpet. This will insure the odor is locked in.


All was suppose to be perfect.


The rest of the house started smelling like litter, too.

At that moment I realize that if the pet peed in one room, he/she conducted his business all around.


(Some basic common sense things don’t pop up on time.)

We had no choice, but to move in with the stink (I also got the carpets professionally cleaned, but it made no difference).

Now, we are in the waitlist for the carpet installation. Apparently, the whole town is going thru a “change carpet” phase.

Till then, we live in a litter box!

(The odor seems to go away, or our nose is numb to all that).

We finally got the carpet peeled.

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