If you live anywhere on the Oregon coast, it’s mandatory for you to be a part of Prefontaine Memorial Run. It’s a must!

Before moving to this area, I had no idea who was Prefontaine(until my really good family friend told us).

He was a legendary runner who died in a car accident at the peak of his running career at age 24. People commemorate this legend by organizing a run/walk each year. This was the 38th year.

I registered for a fun walk, but my true intentions were to get the t-shirt.

There were people of all ages-little kids in strollers to folks of seventy plus. All levels of runners were welcomed and cheered for. 

5K was packed with high school cross country teams. 

It didn’t feel like a race. Everyone was having fun.

The event was overloaded with positive energy.

I felt like a celebrity when finishing my 2k.

Cheers leaders, and all spectators were cheering for me. Amazing!

(Already waiting for the 39th run!)

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