Oh Bob! What have you done….

My thoughts have changed. Simple things in my life have suddenly become so interesting .

While having breakfast in the morning,  I can’t stop thinking about my cells, who would be using the food (glycolysis) to turn it into energy (ATP). I can’t stop but wonder that my youngest who I find so “little” have the same process going on in her tiny cells. How tiny!

Proteins have become a vital part of my conversation with kids. We need proteins all the time. All functions need proteins. I write on my kids lunch that protein loves you. Yip, it’s all about proteins!

I call meat, protein, and the vegetables cofactors.

Looking at the leaves, I can’t help but appreciate all the hard work they do (taking Carbon dioxide and using sunlight to give us Oxygen and making glucose, beat that humans!). I always give a pat on their “back.”

What genes will my grandkids inherit that will be from me? Or what genes have I passed on to my kids that are recessive in me. Hmm…

Gosh, this doesnt stop. 

From applying moisturizer to walking out in my yard, I am so infatuated with Bob’s lectures. He turns all the difficult concepts  easy to grasp. 

Bob, this ones is for you!

Thank you!

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