May The Force Be With you, Always!

I was never a fan of Stat Wars. I was always confuse between Star Wars and Star Trek. But it changed.

My son is a big fan. By big, I mean mega. He listens to all the John Williams work. He knows who, what, where, and why of all the characters. He knows the different name of all the space ships and can differentiate between them.

With all this involvement how can a mom stay numb to Star Wars. 

The best part is that Star Wars premiers every December, which is my son’s birthday month. This had made giving him a present a piece of cake ( I don’t understand why people use this phrase for easy stuff. Cake is hard business. It should be: as easy as watching tv).

This year, we ran a mini Star Wars marathon. We started with doing a puzzle followed by Star Wars VII. And then off to Star Wars VIII.

The movie was yum!

I didn’t want it to end abruptly. It came to a satisfying end. On the other hand, Kylo Ren, is one confuse character.

Looking forward to Star Wars IX.

May the force be with you, always!

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