Love? Hate?

Who doesn’t love snow?

Well, it depends.

If you have asked my daughter this question three years ago, you would have regret asking it.

She would have given you a horrific, mind torturing scenario of snow.

But now she has a different answer.

The approach is positive. No, it’s not because I perfected my parenting strategies( I wish! I haven’t found a manual on how to raise kids, perfectly).

We have moved away from the snow land.

Around three years back, we were living in the world famous snow area, Salt Lake City(SLC). SLC was a host of winter Olympics in 2000. From that time, it has been a popular destination for all winter sports. It’s an obligation to be involved in a winter sport if you reside within the vicinity. Now, you can imagine how much she didn’t care about snow.

Our moved changed her opinion. ( Now she “hates” beaches!)

While driving to Mt. Hood, I witnessed chanting of the phrase “I love snow!”

It was hard to believe how fast someone can change the relationship from hate to love.

I guess distance really do make the heart grow fonder.

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